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defreeze !

here’s my piece that’s part of Henrik Delehags wall for Superarket Sarah – Now sold

The gift!


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Here is a pic from the shoot with Jon, LC are a super, super nice bunch, really fun to work with – Rosanna helped me too that day, we were amazon warriors battling the wind….aaaarggggghh! you would never know from the cool calm faces.

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mushroom love

This is on Supermarket Sarah – a great idea,selling ace stuff from an online wall that exists in real life at sarahs’s flat supermarketsarah.com

giant mushroom is sold now…but here it was….and here is the first one I did for an MGMT shoot earlier….


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is it a blanket? no! is it a fellow? no! is it a blanket fellow? yeees! I love making these and sending them out into the world – confusin people as to their owl / cat heritage ….

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yes…henceforth I will add stuff about autumn 2009 onwards …a catch up service if you will x

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