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new drawing

well, somehow I lost this piece and found it the other day thanks to serene and ruben. So happy holidays everyone, here our boy teaches the tall bird how to tie its laces so it doesn’t wear down its foot pads while running.


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Happy Christmas Sam, keep chucking those penguins out the way, don’t dig up any alien species love phoebe x

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I’m so excited ! so is my choir singer and our ceiling! x

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swedish mulled wine – glögg – tunnbröd salmon, sil, prawn cheese, cinnamon cookies and buns, tortilla (which passed the spaniard test) clementines (thanks alex) weird chick pea bruschetta, lots of happy people, then on to studio party for CYCLONES gig, very nice place, everyone was in a super good mood, extremely friendly bouncer and the CYCLONES were totally amazing played loads and we didn’t want them to stop. A merry christmas one and all and go team jon and phoebe

thanks for coming everyone

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and oh so close to Christmas…what a tease!

ok it might be hard to see but here is the snow…actually falling!

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family tree

Saw Takako and Matt the other day, Aska was sleeping so no capering about there, Takako has a super packed shop at the moment, loads of great things an some nice new staff too! So you can get my prints there too now, I don’t have anything else left there…all the brooches and things with faces have gone to new homes. SHe’s selling the shy one cuff gloves and wallet too…mmmmm…warm and cute and cool all at the same time! Hoping to get time to make more soon… more owls ! more faces! She’s also kindly selling my mini prints too – here they be … thanks Takako!


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oh oh oh it was so great!  Me and Jon and Rachel (new kid) with her amazing new shoe collection!!!! ( and Marty wowzer) i loved them so so much, they are just amazing shoes.  We had loads of fun with Imma and Valentina too.  I so want to show pics but I can’t yet!!!! aaaaaggh.  But she lives near in Chianti so here’s a pic of marty. was so nice to dash over and see her,  rachel i mean we could pretend like she lived round the corner again.

Did I mention how amazing the shoes are?

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