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goodly or wicked

It all  depends on how you look at them.


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Oliver has posted something with Rohan’s work, super lovely.  It has reminded me of those gloves Rohan illustrated on, Yoko Ono had them, I tried to try them on but my were they small.  She must have tiny elifin fingers even smaller than mine.

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I’ve always been drawn to totems, they watch over you, they are mostly made from animals and beautifully coloured. I would to see some proper old ones one day not just read about them. Would be fun to make one on day but me……..with an axe…or other large cutting device… I’m not sure.

Here we have a print I’ve done (message me if you would like to buy any of my prints) and an illustration I did for Grafik magazine last Autumn. Lastly some rockin totem mugs I found on the dossier37 blog. Wow! I would rather like to drink my tea from these. They are so fab and they stack! mugs that stack, dresses with pockets, I’m easily pleased.

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This is part of a mural I painted in one of my old flats – in Brick Lane.  Many clones trekking through the mountains I felt that this fit the propogate theme. As the leader moves through the mountains create more of him in his and their image combined.

I have no idea if it lasted past us moving out.  Probably not.  I did it just after I moved down and me and my brother got a place together. We discovered a secret room through a trap door in the living room ceiling which lead to an attic and then the roof where you could see all of London. Rohan started sleeping up there (we only had one bedroom and rohan slept in the living room) until he started to go mad from the dripping water tank.

He’s fine now x

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A really super blog! Oliver has posted some drawings i did for the Organic cotton PAN (Pesticide Action Network) book. Looking at the other posting I am in good company. Have a look at his blog dossier37 here!

Here’s one of mine…loop da loop The next post will be one from dossier 37… I just have to choose 🙂

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Seb sent this pic of the latest French rolling stone mag, it’s fun cos it’s one of Jon’s pics of Los Campesinos with the falcons and Seb has an article there too! unfortunately it’s their old line up so Gareth’s sis is absent but still a great pic!

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Detroit Social Club make gut throbbing heartbashing, temple tingling music, they are also really nice people and worked really hard on the shoot the other day. The early start to get over to Holy Island meant that feet and skin got sodden and ice cold but they kept smiling. Then the sun came out and the rest of the day included tomato soup, chips, fires and bunkers so all is good.

I love it there, we went as kids on our 2 family holidays when we lived in Middlesbrough. Nana drank more than polite sample cups of local mead, we ate homemade chicken sandwiches, all rolled around in the sand and were extrememly excited about the fact that the causeway would be swallowed up at a certain time and we would…. be….stranded ….there….F O R E V E R……

I can’t post band pics yet..they will come later…. but in the meantime here is an ear trumpeter fixing hessian bunting to a refuge hut in the freeeezing cold while Jon sets up. I touched the iron handrail to get up there and my body became ice and metal, I was wolverine and ice man, I was not however invincible.

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