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Ok I’ve not been posting lots this last 2 weeks because I’ve got lots on and I’m not allowed to show stuff until it’s been published so…here’s a sneaky look at a pic from the shoot for Muddy Suzuki (Drift records) I love this pic, it takes me back and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  We’re not using this one because there are EVEN BETTER ONES!  yes. Always amazing when me and Jon work together but I must say Damo here as a first time photographee no time  photographer was fab.  A good time had by all.

I’ll post more pics and the illustration I didn when it get’s printed!

Meanwhile back to my drawing board!


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Yes lakris liquorice mmmmmm tasty sweet bit salty bit like eating tarmac all the colours of the dark rainbow

Johan has moved to Finland so when he came to stay the other night he had brought lots of the stuff form Finland. WOW!! Ok so Finland loves the stuff. I love it too though am used to the sweet more than the salty goodness. The weird ones however even Jon is nervous of trying.

Liquorice chocolate? marshmallows? squeezy liquorice?

Where will it end?

Can anyone tell me which movie the post title is from without looking it up? I will eat the freaky salty squeezy liquorice for you if you do.

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Here’s a special giant purple and silver banner I made for specially for Emma, it’s hopefully on a nice wall somewhere in LA bringing encouragement to all to set eyes on it 🙂
Thanks Emma! Anyone else want one let me know!

Don’t forget you can buy my “JESUS LOVES ME” banner from Supermarket Sarah too! as well as loads of other cool stuff!

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WOW! such a treat! Here I am with a dicky tummy and I get a parcel from the fairy godmother Italy!! One item is secret and shall be revealed later ..

Thanks! Rachel, the shoes are a m a z i n g! I’m wearing them tonight, and I looove the jacket cardi, i adore it, also shall been spotted in it tonight. I shall go to the ball

after I’ve eaten the giant fancy nougat.

everyone needs a fairy godmother at least once x

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I can’t find any pics anywhere but this show was before Christmas and it was great! It was in this place in Bethnal Green called the Last Tuesday Society and downstairs is filled with curiosities and wonderment called Little SHop of Horrors. it will never be more wonderous to me that the musical Little shop of Horrors but it is great. Was fun too as me, my brother and mum – and some pals were in it too. That doesn’t happen often i can tell you. The show has moved to The Millennium Gallery in St Ives, I’m thrilled to bits and my piece is on the website on a little gallery show widget thingy. The House of Fairy tales is this fantastic traveling art group circus fun train, lots of great people involved and i they come to a place near you then get involved!! Even the website has loads of fun stuff going on.

Oh I love that musical, me and my brother know all the words, I’m sure he’d love that I told you that. It came out the year we moved to Gainsborough from Middlesbrough and we loved it straightaway after seeing it on video.  prob took a few years to come out, right?  The pains in the ass at school used to call me Feed Me instead of Phoebe, pretty clever huh. Every time . We all saw it at Leeds one year for Christmas, oh I cried as soon as I walked in the theatre, I just can’t help it, theatres are so powerful and those actors standing on stage, sometimes alone, just singing to us, naked and unprotected… seriously gets me. Hooo. I didn’t for quite a while till I found the words realise this was one of the verses. Crikes.  I don’t think we sang these words at

But oh boy they can sing

And Uptown you cater to a million whores.
You disinfect terrazzo on their bathroom floors.
The jobs are really menial you make no bread.
And then at five-o’clock you head

“By subway…”

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Jon is in Italy till Friday, this recentish air conditioning advert was in a shop window last time we were there.  I love Italy, what a country…

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