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What do you need on a hot day after a swim ? Pizza face !


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Doctor Who rules the school

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So here are Jon’s two Snoozer covers, loads of his pictures are inside too.  Like LOADS, snoozer dig photos. They are beautiful.  So it’s the Klaxons and MGMT.  Snoozer is such a fantastic magazine, they get Jon’s colours right too, I wish I understood Japanese, but I can say that it’s one of my favourite looking magazines in the whole world ever.

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now available in my shop…where you can use cards and stuff indeed!

More things added soon,this bag is a screen print from the relief print from the drawing from my head

Totem totes for tote and tote lovers totally

hand screen printed for reals

All’s well that ends well

swell x

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Hooray we received the Matthew P single today, it’s released 26 July and he has tracks on his myspace. As I’ve said he’s a lovely chap. we had such a great day in his neighborhood near Southwold and he was great to work with. Jon took a million amazing pics of him all around the coast (more to come) and this is one we did out near the reeds (they harvest the reads for thatching) I wanted it to be like he’s in his living room, in his home – which he is, not sure if you can see on my photo of the cd but he had his adorable family dog too, fully poseable 🙂

Anyway, I reckon they did a lovely job on the cover and his songs are full of summer and love. What more do you need.


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Yes it’s on now, the last big brother. Of course it will be the best one. I got some work designing for the wallpaper. It’s the bathroom and round about. I was asked for a french toile style fine detail piece. Fine detail fits me well so I was super happy to do it. It was a lot of work but I loved it. The final piece is layered with lots of other details and motifs (see below) – there is even a huge tree. It looks wicked! Here are a couple of the pieces that are in there. A pic of the bathroom and I made them all into a repeat pattern too so you can see how it looks together. I loved doing it, have done some textile design and this was so fun to make a repeat pattern that flowed so nicely. Hope I can do another wallpaper. Was ace.

Okay! Off to work on the Yuck video now. I’m a cutting and a glueing and a listenin to the world cup and Jon commentary.



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SO I can’t post the final ones cos they’ve not gone out yet but we went to Southwold and Warbleswick the other day for a shoot with Matthew P.  Us 2 and him and Adrian, and I have to day was one of my favourite shoots ever.  An amazing place, extremely great people, beautiful weather and perfect sausage rolls.  Matts brother even played melodica to us in the middle of the night while our beach fire died down. It was jumpin!

So just a peek here’s a phone jon took which aint going no where,  was throwing fun stuff in the fire to make it go boom or sparkle or spark or be very white and this one excluded Matts face entirely.  But it’s cool tho, Jon caught the kaboom at it’s peak! Anyway more shot from the shoot later.  The 2nd on is to show you the cliff edge and erosion along the coast there, the path just disappears all the time over the edge and you realise you’ve been walking on very little, farmers fields are falling into the see, there were trees left abandoned on new beaches and there’s even a whole village – Dunwich under the se – they say you can still hear the Bells calling the villagers to service.

more later…

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