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His name is Nerazbirham, he sits on his pail and waits for feeding time x


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Hello, I’m posting again cos I’m totally stoked by so many positive comments on blogs for my video. Yay!

but this time on vimeo where you can see yuck’s other videos and hear their other songs!

here’s what I look like right now!

no wait, I looked like that a few minutes ago, now I’m even happier!

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it was my brother’s birthday yesterday.  My brother inspires me and encourages me and puts me straight and makes me laugh and bickers and questions me and bugs me and helps me and takes the mickey out of me and supports me and listens to me and dances about with me and feeds me and works things out with me and moans at me and trusts me and hugs me and appreciates me and I know I can rely on him, no guff and he is the best brother ever.

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Jon and me went to the New forest show on Thurs – the last day – lovely and super dusty.  The forest is full of wild horses and ponies too, it’s magic. On tues weds we just hung out and actually had a couple of days off- we walked and we went in the sea. It’s lovely down there, my pics are back yet but a few of Jon’s are. More to come later.

here are some cows in love

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