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My Dad is a ceramicist (on the side but whole heartedly) and he’s just started experimenting with print too. This is an etching he just did. I flipping love it. It’s like a scientific document found in a library on a distant planet – like a loose leaf from a book of natural history – an evolutionary offshoot which is familiar but followed a different path.
Anyway, here it is. wicked.


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here’s a sneaky look at New Kids Spring Summer Season. Jon and me had an ace time. I can still see that half a lobster pleasing with me to eat it..
Needless to say I obliged – oh and here is a lovely podcast about some very old, very lucky lobster..

from my favourite podcast Radiolab

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important announcement!

yes the fabled 149 bendy bus which takes us plebs from the north to the south of london all day and all night is about to change. I can’t tell you how many people use this bus for free (there is no conductor – you swipe your oyster card and can get on in 3 places) It’s a life blood bus, a shining beacon, lots of people who can’t afford to take the bus will jump on this one and it’s the way home at 5 am when you’re too tired and tipsey to think. ┬áThis is TFLs idea of advertising this change to Londoners – a small sign outside the station.

However it looks like times are a changing.

Now we must all pay to ride the double dick instead.

it’s the start of a new era

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my work in france!

Lovely Claire has made a wicked new wall for a client and here it is…with the hitchhiker print in all it’s glory.
Thanks for the photo Claire.

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this is just so good, it looks unreal…just amazing

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