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my painting shows the winged creature Mickolaus in his flight bringing retrieving gifts of ice trees from the archaic waste.  It is a phenomenon little seen by human eyes but oft imagined by mine.


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that’s what it is, he’s looking at things.  How can something be so horrifying and so funny at the same time?


You MUST look

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Look what Naomi and Danni have been upto, I really would love one of these coffee tables, maybe when we move and have a space for one!!…. though there will be no TV upon it!! Only the finest coffee and cakes.
do lots of interior designs and turn their hand a most things but their reclaimed handmade furniture totally rules!

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I proudly present Donkey O’tay!

His face is a blessing

He’s in my shop which I’ve been busy adding more capers too.

love me love my dog!

This is a hanging of power! You can feel it in your bones!!

Tis true but also love my cat , my pig , my rooster and of course my ass.

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Hello!  Sorry for the radio silence, we’ve been all tied up with moving and jobs… Christmas is coming!!!! Yay!!! I started getting excited a few weeks ago when I smelled some oranges in the cold.  We’re now going to move in January so I can put up decoration here yay!

It’s snowing loads in the UK the earliest most amount of snow in 17 years ( a nice chance for the dense non believers to tell me global warming isn’t happening) – North London hasn’t had much but in East London yesterday it was super snowy.  Mum sent me this picture of the back door, she can’t open in to get rid of the snow and feed the hungry birds.  It’s just too much to open the door!  Any ideas?

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