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Hi de ho!

Indian Summer is a lovely shop in Parsons Green full of gorgeous, pretty, pieces.  Interiors, clothing and the sort of smaller things that make a whole room beautiful as if by magic. The shop is thoughtfully laid out and I reckon if you worked there you wouldn’t be able to leave without spending half your wages.  It’s run by Ruth Kehoe and everything you see was carefully picked by her, she’s got a great eye and is funny and kind to boot.

Anyway, in  between freezing our extremities off, cups of Ruth tea, curly wurlies, bathroom breaks and trying to stand up straight while rigid with cold….Rohan and I painted a mural of trees and birds on the shop front.

The shop is pink and the paint a light bluey grey – it has a similar effect to cyan and magenta in that where the colours meet , your eyes get psyched out a bit and it’s really hard to photograph.

We love the warmth the birds gave and will pop back again and add a few more some time soon.

It’s always concentrated aceness to work with Rohan,

thank you!


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gosh people are talented, this is needle felting and love , click for the website.

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Hooray the lovely college arms also have a couple of my A2

prints, it was so great to see them so massive!

Bear boxing and Stargazer

Perfect for a drinking establishment !


Apologies for odd photos….taken after a brew…..not by me 🙂


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The College Arms in Store Street has reopened.  I’m very chuffed that they ordered my “the badlands” wallpaper.  It looks fantastic.  The pub has been beautifully redesigned and amazing pieces sourced.  I spoke to Naomi at the opening and I reckon she’s really got what it takes…I wish I could have her do our front room!


Anyway here is just one pic…was busy and dark in there so I have to go another day.



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Hello!  Yup, we’re moved in, we’ve unpacked the boxes into alternate boxes.  We’ve drilled holes, pulled up brambles and scrubbed skirting boards. I’m still reeling from the fantasticalness of it all. We still waking up like we’re still in a dream. I love our new home so much, felt like home straight away.  Anyway before  go on too much, I will post the odd pic but I gotta be careful I don’t go mad and start a “my home is flipping marvellous and you all need to hear all about it incessantly” blog.

and finally….

thanks millions to all you guys for helping us move.  I felt like I was in a Cliff Richard movie.  Flippin marvellous, you know who you can depend on when you move house.

Only had time to take one pic…was on another planet the rest of the time…

Here’s rosannie, the calm eye of the storm and one of 2 ladies who wore short skirts to move a flat. cool.


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