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Here is my fave book title of the Easter hols adventure.

Yes, mmm I really identify with it.

oh my gosh the most wonderful library, you could live in it right, little kettle, pack of hob nobs, floppy cushion , anyone ? anyone ?


So I had the best Easter break ever! The highlight was going home and hanging out with my folks and Jon and Rohan and Kim the ancient but loud cat. Loads of work, watched Piranha , oh my gosh so many boobies, 3d gave you a headache, digging, cutting, stingin nettles, flopping, getting used to cat pee, chasing, drinking,laughing, weeding,eating worms, singing and surprising birthday mum and dozing.  Medicine.

Also a proper bank holiday visit to a stately home, it was the nicest one I’ve been too and has a toy museum and a pub next door!


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Hurrah! Summer is coming, soon it will be time to display my pasty pins, I started going through my summer stash and found my fave shorts, both made by Jessica Cooper. One pair makes my legs look like a boys and the other makes my ass a hot air balloon, I love them.

Though I am wearing them in the flat…. the world is not ready.

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I posted this very recently but it fits perfectly with this weeks IF theme “duet” so here it is again

It’s also available to buy in my shop as a limited edition linocut on paper between A3 and A2 size.


close up…

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This is just incredible, it’s not totally expected to have decent storage in the UK, you can get amazing old houses with closets and attics or spacey 60s council houses with built in cupboards but otherwise , especially in London , storage has probably been either turned into an extra bedroom or never ever existed.

So, our flat, it’s like a dream, we have a cupboard in the hall (for tools, Tom Cruise) and we have a big one in the bedroom we kitted out with shelves and a rail  with Dads help (it’s called Travolta) And have another space I can’t mention but you can guess where. Also we sorted the shelves in the alcoves in the front room – Jon and Dani worked super hard on them and we planned them around different sizes of book, records and comics.  It’s just the most wonderful thing.

It goes like this.

I want to find something.

I think about it a moment.

I go to the approriate storage zone.

I retrieve said item.

I leave said item on the floor, sofa or table.

I trip on it or step on it within the week and am reminded to put it back in the beautiful storage.

Here are some pics I took of boxes of stuff we’re putting away so I remember what’s put far away so I can find it again.

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