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He moved in in the second week, he’s off interailing soon, or he’ll fill up my wall with prisms….


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I love em ! and they love each other!



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yes, of course it is (weather)

I’m going to start doing this (sausages)

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Rrrrow~! Just got this little cutie from the local cats protection charity shop.  The ladies in there are very sweet though their whole conversations consist of complaining and they weren’t very helpful in telling me how to adopt a cat. The place couldn’t run without them though and they are kind…..

No I’m afraid I won’t be using it, it’s going on the dresser. He has some sort of crazed look, perhaps we’re intruding on a fantasy.

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MMMum’s homemade custard, I would happily eat a giant bowl of custard with just a ginger biscuit melting away in there.  Soooooo goooood, we had custard and traffic light tart at junior school. Darn that was good, just a bit of pastry and 3 different coloured jams with a trellis of pastry on top, then loads of custard.  I used to always go back for seconds , that and the hot pink blancmangey custard with cornflakes on it.  I’m guessing these puddings aren’t in school anymore. When I have children I’m going to make it all the time, i might not serve it in formed prison style plastic trays though…

Ooo, I remember one day going back for seconds and being greeted by my mum across the counter, she worked at my school for  few weeks as a dinner lady and then moved to another one.  She was there long enough to remind the ladies that I / we could have seconds mains but not the pud.

She was right. I realised a few days later.

Mum is still our dinner lady in some ways, just one of her million roles as a supermum.


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