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yay!  So the stop motion animation is finally all done and cleared away.  There was mess. Mess in places I didn’t know about. The song is by Toi l’heroine, it’s in French but if you don’t know French I hope you can still enjoy the animation.  The main chous is saying “the young don’t want” or “I don’t want”   Toi l’heroine write amazing songs, strong and honest and to my mind pretty darned French … in the old school,50s, poet, beat, intense, spontaneous, dark, kind of way (which is what I thought French people were all like when I was a kid – except for those in the Scarlet Pimpernel and Dogtantean and the three musketeers)

The technique I used was painting and removing paint from glass bit by bit.  I loved it!  It’s a really special free technique ….I’ll be doing it again!

So here I’ve put it on you tube

thank you Seb for the song

and thank you Jon for not commenting on the mess, boosting,  and helping take down the tripod of tenacity x


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Hello, I’m posting again cos I’m totally stoked by so many positive comments on blogs for my video. Yay!

but this time on vimeo where you can see yuck’s other videos and hear their other songs!

here’s what I look like right now!

no wait, I looked like that a few minutes ago, now I’m even happier!

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Hello and welcome to my music video for the amazing Yuck. I LOVED doing this.


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Hooray!! I finished it. My first ever. Learned loads so can’t wait to do another.

It’s paper and a piece of music which is now tattooed on my heart.

Hope you like it.

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