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so you’ve seen the sketch now here is the proof and the final print, flippin love it! I’ve done some lovely colours, a bright day red and blue, a musty peach and grey blue, a mustard and grey and some one colours too.  I’m in love with it, just as it should be…that was a good 3 in the morning idea.  I’ll get them all done and in my shop, in the mean time contact me if you would like one.



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been busy, trying out lots of different colours too, i love em, so satisfying to print too, I’ll pop them on my shop soon otherwise you’ll find them in the proper shops and markets x

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My Owl Barn is this great blog for all owl lovers by Shivani.  She’s got over 45 illustrators together so that you can choose which image you would like for which month and then print it out for free!  It’s all got a ready made version and you can print out just one day if you want it for a gift tag or just to put on your wall.  Me and Mum are both in it – we both did the month of October and Halloween – and there are lots of beautiful illustrations to choose from for all months.

It’s fab!

Here it is!


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He moved in in the second week, he’s off interailing soon, or he’ll fill up my wall with prisms….

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I posted this very recently but it fits perfectly with this weeks IF theme “duet” so here it is again

It’s also available to buy in my shop as a limited edition linocut on paper between A3 and A2 size.


close up…

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Hi de ho!

Indian Summer is a lovely shop in Parsons Green full of gorgeous, pretty, pieces.  Interiors, clothing and the sort of smaller things that make a whole room beautiful as if by magic. The shop is thoughtfully laid out and I reckon if you worked there you wouldn’t be able to leave without spending half your wages.  It’s run by Ruth Kehoe and everything you see was carefully picked by her, she’s got a great eye and is funny and kind to boot.

Anyway, in  between freezing our extremities off, cups of Ruth tea, curly wurlies, bathroom breaks and trying to stand up straight while rigid with cold….Rohan and I painted a mural of trees and birds on the shop front.

The shop is pink and the paint a light bluey grey – it has a similar effect to cyan and magenta in that where the colours meet , your eyes get psyched out a bit and it’s really hard to photograph.

We love the warmth the birds gave and will pop back again and add a few more some time soon.

It’s always concentrated aceness to work with Rohan,

thank you!

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Look what Naomi and Danni have been upto, I really would love one of these coffee tables, maybe when we move and have a space for one!!…. though there will be no TV upon it!! Only the finest coffee and cakes.
do lots of interior designs and turn their hand a most things but their reclaimed handmade furniture totally rules!

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