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Yes they just painted wood street station, I feel like I’m momentarily in a platform game or lesser Tron.


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So I was a Poplar DLR the other week and saw this poster! Jon’s photo of Charlie Simpson all big and in my face! It looks brill and the album too and what a decent, sweet chap Charlie is. Was a really lovely shoot and we got fish and chips and tartare sauce at the end of it so a dream job !

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Yes, outside Wood Street station is a rift in the space-time continuum concentrated around the Royal Mail Post Box, your items arrive at their destination NOW rather than later. What if I could squeeze in there?

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Woah, a great band with a super new album in a wicked location, with the best photographer , like a reeeeally nice day.  This place is really near where we live and had such a great energy, Steve was fantastic and helped us loads, there was so much cool stuff there!  I love signs, my grandad was a sign writer and I’ve made some myself, it was hard to pick my favourite….

but anyhoo here we were….I’ll post when the photos and album come out!

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Hi de ho!

Indian Summer is a lovely shop in Parsons Green full of gorgeous, pretty, pieces.  Interiors, clothing and the sort of smaller things that make a whole room beautiful as if by magic. The shop is thoughtfully laid out and I reckon if you worked there you wouldn’t be able to leave without spending half your wages.  It’s run by Ruth Kehoe and everything you see was carefully picked by her, she’s got a great eye and is funny and kind to boot.

Anyway, in  between freezing our extremities off, cups of Ruth tea, curly wurlies, bathroom breaks and trying to stand up straight while rigid with cold….Rohan and I painted a mural of trees and birds on the shop front.

The shop is pink and the paint a light bluey grey – it has a similar effect to cyan and magenta in that where the colours meet , your eyes get psyched out a bit and it’s really hard to photograph.

We love the warmth the birds gave and will pop back again and add a few more some time soon.

It’s always concentrated aceness to work with Rohan,

thank you!

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yes sorry for no posts this week…was in sweden for a wedding and now off to a job in Italy with New Kid shoes. The shoes are amazing, Only one pair I wouldn’t love wearing, and those I would still like wearing. Gonna pour down though so we will have to hoist a sun and create a forcefield a la captain janeway.

Yes she is my favourite captain, she is katherine hepburn, captain kirk and isabelle huppert all in one.  Kate Mulgrew did a bang up job.
here she is, back next week with jon norway fishing photos, sweden stuff and italy capers! capers not capers!
then home till Christmas…mmmmmm x

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here they are, I loved this shoot, Holy Island, Jon, bunkers, big skies, lovely and hardworking people, lots of props for me to get my teeth into and night time fires. Their songs light fires. Really good songs.

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