not now bernard

Have you read this? I was lucky to find it in the charity shop. It’s kind of Metamorphosis. I loved it as a child, safe in the bosom of love, warmth and attention, but I read it as a mum today and feel like I want to punch Bernard’s parents very hard. It’s ok, I would never do it 🙂



two happy snoozers

orva loves melkaj!

Hooray!! finally a carrier Orva loves being in! She laughed her head off then looked around then snuggled to sleep, I can’t tell you how happy I am about this (my expression also shows I’m slightly shocked)  x

Duck town

All these little fellas live in the house a Malmön and come out in the summer to paddle on the rocks. Maybe next year orva will play with them


we were walking back from a mini festival near st james street and passed teenagers and a very nice artist painting on this wall. It just looks beautiful, so strong and soooo many people had worked on it,m there were paints and brushes there so we added something too. I just love the idea and the finished result is wonderful.  more please x

it was lovely , sheeted down but smiles all around and lots of prawny fishy cake and love , thank you barbro, goran, jon , unn, john and mum x


thanks seb, katy and betty! you are tres awesome xImageImage