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here they are, I loved this shoot, Holy Island, Jon, bunkers, big skies, lovely and hardworking people, lots of props for me to get my teeth into and night time fires. Their songs light fires. Really good songs.


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Detroit Social Club make gut throbbing heartbashing, temple tingling music, they are also really nice people and worked really hard on the shoot the other day. The early start to get over to Holy Island meant that feet and skin got sodden and ice cold but they kept smiling. Then the sun came out and the rest of the day included tomato soup, chips, fires and bunkers so all is good.

I love it there, we went as kids on our 2 family holidays when we lived in Middlesbrough. Nana drank more than polite sample cups of local mead, we ate homemade chicken sandwiches, all rolled around in the sand and were extrememly excited about the fact that the causeway would be swallowed up at a certain time and we would…. be….stranded ….there….F O R E V E R……

I can’t post band pics yet..they will come later…. but in the meantime here is an ear trumpeter fixing hessian bunting to a refuge hut in the freeeezing cold while Jon sets up. I touched the iron handrail to get up there and my body became ice and metal, I was wolverine and ice man, I was not however invincible.

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