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I posted this very recently but it fits perfectly with this weeks IF theme “duet” so here it is again

It’s also available to buy in my shop as a limited edition linocut on paper between A3 and A2 size.


close up…


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His name is Nerazbirham, he sits on his pail and waits for feeding time x

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this day was about inventing

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Hey hey,  this is a piece I did for the cover of a book about Organic Cotton for PAN (Pesticide Action Network) It was called Moral Fibre.  You can see the illustrations on my website.

I thought “linked’ was a pretty good way to describe it.  Hope you like it!  The original is about A4 size.

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goodly or wicked

It all  depends on how you look at them.

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This is part of a mural I painted in one of my old flats – in Brick Lane.  Many clones trekking through the mountains I felt that this fit the propogate theme. As the leader moves through the mountains create more of him in his and their image combined.

I have no idea if it lasted past us moving out.  Probably not.  I did it just after I moved down and me and my brother got a place together. We discovered a secret room through a trap door in the living room ceiling which lead to an attic and then the roof where you could see all of London. Rohan started sleeping up there (we only had one bedroom and rohan slept in the living room) until he started to go mad from the dripping water tank.

He’s fine now x

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don’t we all feel like this some days?

Don’t worry, he soon found his way again, he just followed the smell of baked bread and coffee.

This is a monoprint so you can buy him but only as a print copy of the monoprint as there is only one…

hope you like him

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