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thanks seb, katy and betty! you are tres awesome xImageImage


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print with new home

one of my prints in situ in a lovely home!
thanks for the photo Ellen

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Ok you know I’ve been busy bee but the other day I found some old films of mine and jon took them to the lab for me ..and then scanned them!! Thanks Jon x

So even tho I still can’t show what I’ve been upto, I can show some old photos. Yes. There is no connection.

so here is Jonla cutting wild chives for sil lunch


big rocks


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I’m really enjoying the snow and the cold is a nice excuse to wear more cosy jumpers but I know not everyone feels like that. Do not fear the Summer will be here in a while but lets not wish our days away. Today is Sunday and though Jon is a little dormouse today he is also a Summer breeze like we all are x

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