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So lovely to get pics of my prints in their cosy new homes , here in Amsterdam !



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Of  Cabbages and Kings is a great shop just of Stoke Newington Church Street, they also run a market in the Abney Hall and I was at the last one. It was a wicked day and I met some lovely people – and oh it’s so nice to meet the folks who buy your work and get to hear why they like it or who it’s for and you get to share the stories of the little guys I print.

Here we are…

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Hi guys, sorry I’ve been working alot (soon you will see, when I’m allowed to post!) and thought I’d just check in – Sarah has been upto her magic again and got her supermarket in Selfridges!   Extremely cool! Well done Sarah! If you look carefully you can see my Mushroom on the left and giant fellow on the right. My giant fellow oh my goodness, when he does a somersault he makes a growling sound. Yes he does! AND of course not forgetting my “Jesus Loves Me” banners!

Here’s the shop ! Sarah included!
SO if you’re in town go and look see !

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