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Yes ! Mum’s awesomely curated show is on from this Friday ! Loads of brilliant work , and more artists than are on the poster, I’ll post pics when it’s up ! X


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So, festivities abound! I’m going to be at some markets and fairs coming up, it’s so much fun, I love meeting everyone and sipping from my flask of goodness.  So, as soon as these lovely markets get some press info I’ll post it and in the mean time here’s some Monkey magic to tide you over x

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been busy, trying out lots of different colours too, i love em, so satisfying to print too, I’ll pop them on my shop soon otherwise you’ll find them in the proper shops and markets x

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Super blog about cool stuff for your home, with a wee donkey o’tay print on there

I love Don Quixote and I love  Camino Real by Tennessee Williams ,  if you haven’t read it, try to change that some time 🙂

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My Owl Barn is this great blog for all owl lovers by Shivani.  She’s got over 45 illustrators together so that you can choose which image you would like for which month and then print it out for free!  It’s all got a ready made version and you can print out just one day if you want it for a gift tag or just to put on your wall.  Me and Mum are both in it – we both did the month of October and Halloween – and there are lots of beautiful illustrations to choose from for all months.

It’s fab!

Here it is!


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So this little fella – though usually all teeth and claws is on this occasion knitting a delicate something for a special someone.  I just want to rub his big furry nose he’s such a sweetheart.

He’s available to buy in my revamped shop should you like him as much as I do.

In the mean time,

rraoow x


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Yes! I will be there, and it will be great! So come along if you’re in the area, lots of really cool stuff made by people with their fair hands, lovely designs, affordable art and useful lovely pieces plus music and tasty treats.


I’m going to be there with my work Friday evening so hope to see you 🙂

Follow the linked poster for more info x

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