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So nice to meet Rosannie in town,  we met at Tower Bridge, one of those sunny days when you really love living in London.  This bridge is amazing, it opens like a Christmas gift, I always imagine flying over the gap in an aston martin. Anyway we wandered down at the marina and saw the fancy boats, went to the Samuel Smiths called Captain Kidd , which is a cheap, tasty, good and friendly pubs along the river…I think it would be full of tourists it they ventured a wee bit east.  Then we dashed in the  in Wapping Art Project a show by Yohji Yamamoto.  Don’t look up the Wapping website, it’s unusable.  Also very loud echoey music so we didn’t have a drink in the cafe, we are clearly too then not enough now. However this installation was great and the idea of this place in Wapping..near Shadwell, off the beaten track is very commendable and the building is very cool.

The show took my breath away, you could row a boat around this black water with a giant dress like a lit magic lampshade, the movement revealed the water which until then looked like another giant inverted dress. It’s all in the dark, the only light is in the hooped skirt.  The water bottom goes on for ever. Very beautiful.


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Hello!  Yup, we’re moved in, we’ve unpacked the boxes into alternate boxes.  We’ve drilled holes, pulled up brambles and scrubbed skirting boards. I’m still reeling from the fantasticalness of it all. We still waking up like we’re still in a dream. I love our new home so much, felt like home straight away.  Anyway before  go on too much, I will post the odd pic but I gotta be careful I don’t go mad and start a “my home is flipping marvellous and you all need to hear all about it incessantly” blog.

and finally….

thanks millions to all you guys for helping us move.  I felt like I was in a Cliff Richard movie.  Flippin marvellous, you know who you can depend on when you move house.

Only had time to take one pic…was on another planet the rest of the time…

Here’s rosannie, the calm eye of the storm and one of 2 ladies who wore short skirts to move a flat. cool.


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Just back from the island on the west coast of Sweden.  Lovely lovely time, I never want to leave, we did lots of work this time to sort out the bedroom but we also had Rosanna and Gwenan to stay yay!  Jon  made Stompa bread, we picked blackberries, we ate loads of Prawns, dipped in the freezing sea,  snuggled in the attic, took saunas and beers, decorated, listened to country night on radio Sotenas.  laid on the rocks, and watched tv (we don’t have a tv at home).  Jon’s lovely cousin Maria came too and her new beau who has the same name as the old one.  Must be funny when that happens.  It was so so stormy with huge waves thrashing the rocks and cutting off the paths,  we got a sunny day on the last day. Of course we did. Had 2 lovely weddings and hung out with Jon’s folks in Tällberg too.  Jon’s mum and me went mushroom picking and our mushroom smelling bedroom / drying room is a testament to our good fortune.  Had a wonderful time on my birthday too at home with everyone and smiles and a giant pavlova Ann would’ve danced for.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

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