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All these little fellas live in the house a Malmön and come out in the summer to paddle on the rocks. Maybe next year orva will play with them



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yes sorry for no posts this week…was in sweden for a wedding and now off to a job in Italy with New Kid shoes. The shoes are amazing, Only one pair I wouldn’t love wearing, and those I would still like wearing. Gonna pour down though so we will have to hoist a sun and create a forcefield a la captain janeway.

Yes she is my favourite captain, she is katherine hepburn, captain kirk and isabelle huppert all in one.  Kate Mulgrew did a bang up job.
here she is, back next week with jon norway fishing photos, sweden stuff and italy capers! capers not capers!
then home till Christmas…mmmmmm x

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Just back from the island on the west coast of Sweden.  Lovely lovely time, I never want to leave, we did lots of work this time to sort out the bedroom but we also had Rosanna and Gwenan to stay yay!  Jon  made Stompa bread, we picked blackberries, we ate loads of Prawns, dipped in the freezing sea,  snuggled in the attic, took saunas and beers, decorated, listened to country night on radio Sotenas.  laid on the rocks, and watched tv (we don’t have a tv at home).  Jon’s lovely cousin Maria came too and her new beau who has the same name as the old one.  Must be funny when that happens.  It was so so stormy with huge waves thrashing the rocks and cutting off the paths,  we got a sunny day on the last day. Of course we did. Had 2 lovely weddings and hung out with Jon’s folks in Tällberg too.  Jon’s mum and me went mushroom picking and our mushroom smelling bedroom / drying room is a testament to our good fortune.  Had a wonderful time on my birthday too at home with everyone and smiles and a giant pavlova Ann would’ve danced for.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

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Ok you know I’ve been busy bee but the other day I found some old films of mine and jon took them to the lab for me ..and then scanned them!! Thanks Jon x

So even tho I still can’t show what I’ve been upto, I can show some old photos. Yes. There is no connection.

so here is Jonla cutting wild chives for sil lunch


big rocks


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