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Hello, I’m posting again cos I’m totally stoked by so many positive comments on blogs for my video. Yay!

but this time on vimeo where you can see yuck’s other videos and hear their other songs!

here’s what I look like right now!

no wait, I looked like that a few minutes ago, now I’m even happier!


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Hello and welcome to my music video for the amazing Yuck. I LOVED doing this.


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Yes, pea shoot, fun right? AND it turns out he’s descended from Pea growers and traders. AND while we were there last weekend there was a Pea festival at Peasinghall!

Also a minor festival up the road called Latitude.

Was funny as me and Jon just went early to hang out at Cove Hithe and Warbleswick and say hi to Matt an his brother – hang loose on the beach so to speak 😉 Then it turned out there was Latitude at the same time, so hooray lovely Daniel from Yuck had 2 spare tickets so we went for the Friday. Hung out on the beach, in a field and second hand stalls the rest of the weekend till the shoot on Monday. Thank you to Jack for sorting so we could camp in his kind friend’s paddock. The sky was soooo big. just what we dreamed of.

So. Here is my favourite thing I saw from the Friday at Latitude. Also the hut raft. Matt and Izzie the seaworthy dog. Jon in his non official trunks. Me and Jon big faced on the secret beach. Matt and Hugh. In no fixed order.

Didn’t get there in time for Matthew P or Yuck.

Bobbins we are.

Matthew and his pal built this amazing hut by hand and made it float. It’s taking Matt over the sea to his true love. It’s an ace idea and so great that he made it! Can’t wait to see the realsie photos. I was in the water up to my neck for a good hour too which was great for a non swimmer. Everyone really mucked in and worked hard to make it work. Felt like I was part of the A-Team. Liam Neeson was sadly absent.

As Im allowed I’ll post some more proper pics.

For now…

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